Using AC Repair Ennis TX To Keep Cool

by | Jan 21, 2016 | AC Repair

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When someone uses a central air conditioning service to keep cool during summer months, routine maintenance steps must be taken to ensure it works properly throughout the season. Most people will battle cleaning the system and tending to any AC Repair Ennis TX after the summer ends. This way the air conditioning can be packed away for winter and ready to start right up the following warm season.

When preparing an air conditioning system for the winter, each component should be completely cleaned out to remove any debris from the regular use during the summer. First, the power to the air conditioning should be shut off until the next summer. This will save on running electricity and will ensure the unit does not come on during maintenance procedures. Turn off the air conditioning at the circuit breaker panel before starting to clean the condenser.

The condenser cover will need to be removed, and a shop vacuum can be used to remove all dirt that accumulated inside. Use a soft-bristle brush attachment so the fins are not damaged during the clean out. Move the fan by hand to remove dirt from around the motor. The fan blades can be wiped down with a moist cloth. Consider covering the condenser with a waterproof cover to keep it protected throughout winter months.

The evaporator coils should be cleaned in the same manner. If they are enclosed, an air conditioning service may need to be called to give a hand in the maintenance procedure. The tubing should be removed and rinsed out completely to ensure there are no algae build up inside. After it dries, it can be reattached to connect the evaporator and water pump. Remove the drip pan from under the evaporator and clean it with a bleach solution so mold does not grow here over the winter as well.

If someone needs to make an AC Repair Ennis TX before storing their air conditioner, they can contact a reputable air conditioning service. Taking time to visit website of Direct Service will give additional information about air conditioners and an appointment can be made if desired.

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