What Are the Advantages of Having a Service Contract for Your HVAC System?

by | Aug 29, 2019 | Air Conditioning

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It’s not enough to invest in a new home heating and cooling system. You also want to purchase a service agreement or contract that will help keep the new system in top shape. If you’ve never had this type of protection before, here are some examples of what the typical contract with a local air conditioning service in Tucson will provide.

Scheduled System Checks Throughout the Year

One of the perks associated with the service contract is having professionals check the system several times during the year. These routine checks are designed to ensure the unit is working properly and take care of any minor issues before they can cause any inconvenience. Many services will call a week or so in advance and remind the client that it’s time for a system check and lock in a specific date and time.

Quick Response If You Have an Emergency

Another benefit is that most service contracts include benefits related to emergency support. If your system should stop working on the weekend, you don’t have to wait until Monday morning to get help. Someone from the air conditioning service in Tucson will take the call and get to you as quickly as possible. In the best-case scenario, this means the system can be repaired quickly and you won’t have to deal with the heat for more than a few hours.

Service Calls are Free or Discounted

You notice something wrong with the system and decide to call. Thanks to that service contract, you’re likely to enjoy some type of discount off the standard rate for a service call. Some contracts include a limited number of free service calls while others offer set discounts off the current rates. In any case, contacting the air conditioning service in Tucson and asking for help will be more affordable.

The bottom line is that a service contract with a reputable air conditioning service is worth every penny. Find out today if you can get a contract for your present unit. Once the contract is in place, it won’t take long for you to begin enjoying the benefits.

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