When to Schedule an HVAC Appointment With a Contractor in Chicagoland

by | Nov 14, 2020 | Air Conditioning

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An HVAC contractor can help you maintain your HVAC equipment in a variety of ways. This guide highlights key situations when you’ll benefit from contacting HVAC contractors in Harwood Heights.


Routine maintenance is highly recommended as two appointments per year will help protect and preserve your HVAC system. Always sign up for an annual preventative maintenance package if it’s available. Typically, the annual package provides most savings than a traditional maintenance service.

Component Replacement

Between maintenance appointments, HVAC problems could occur if your equipment is old. You can prevent a total system breakdown by replacing all components that are about to fail. Typically, a technician will recommend a replacement during a maintenance routine. If you’re unable to buy a replacement part, replace the hardware during the next appointment.

Strange Noises

Whenever you hear odd sounds while your HVAC system is running, the hardware needs maintenance or repairs. Once an HVAC unit begins to produce strange sounds, the noises won’t stop over time. Instead, until maintenance is done, the noise will intensify, and if maintenance is delayed or ignored, the HVAC system may break down.

Energy Bill Inconsistencies

You air conditioning system will consume more energy than it should when it has a problem. If your energy bill constantly rises every month, call an HVAC technician because the air conditioning equipment may need adjustments to boost its efficiency.

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