3 Essentials for Proper Furnace Maintenance

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Air Conditioning

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Depending on how well you take care of your home furnace, it could last for as long as two decades. The basics of furnace maintenance in Chicago are not that difficult. While there are several things that need to be done, these three are among the most important. Ensure these are done and you can expect the furnace to keep the home warm for a long time.

At Least One Full Inspection Annually

You should always have the furnace professionally inspected before winter arrives. This ensures the system is in proper working order. There is less potential for the system to fail on the coldest night of the season.

You may also want to have the furnace checked again in the spring. If any issues developed during the winter, they can be resolved now. Consider those inspections to be the foundation for all your efforts at furnace maintenance in Chicago.

Change the Filters on Time

Clogged filters will trigger all sorts of operational issues. Change them at least as often as the manufacturer recommends. If you have pets in the home or if some family members smoke, change them more frequently. Remember to only use filters that are recommended by the manufacturer. This one habit will minimize the potential for many types of furnace problems.

Have Repairs Made Promptly

Whenever you notice some new sound or any other issue with the furnace, call a repair service immediately. Prompt repairs prevent the problem from getting worse and triggering other operational issues. In the long run, not delaying repairs will make the general furnace maintenance in Chicago a lot easier.

Would you like help setting up a maintenance schedule for your furnace? A professional can help. Start with a complete inspection and then outline dates for service calls and general upkeep. In the long run, the furnace will serve you well for many more years.

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