3 Signs You Should Call an HVAC Contractor for Repairs in Oswego

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Heating contractor

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Even when you keep up with maintenance for your HVAC in Oswego, there will come times when your system will need repairs. If you know the signs of a problem, you can schedule service sooner and avoid more serious problems. While some signs of a big problem are obvious, recognizing early warning signs can save you money.

Rising Energy Costs

If you notice that your HVAC system uses more energy to provide the same level of comfort, you should schedule an inspection as early as possible. In many cases, higher energy usage can just be the result of poor maintenance. A tune-up will fix this problem. In other cases, a bad thermostat, refrigerant leak, or other issues might need more serious attention from a professional technician.

Poor Climate Control

Another early sign that your system needs attention is that it doesn’t properly heat or cool your home any longer. If your home feels too warm in the summer or you have cold spots in your home during the winter, there could be a number of issues with your system. An HVAC technician can fix the problem so you can run your system more effectively.

Changes in Your Health

If your HVAC in Oswego isn’t properly filtering the treated air, contaminants, such as pollen, pet dander, and bacteria, will affect your health. People in your household may experience respiratory problems, such as more frequent asthma attacks, or skin conditions. If you have already cleaned the unit’s air filter, contacting your HVAC contractor is the next step.

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