Steps for Reducing Air Conditioning Electricity Bills in La Grange, IL

The Department of Energy reports that homeowners spend about $29 billion each year on electricity for air conditioning. Electricity usage throughout the nation runs around 20% higher in the summer than in the winter. It’s no wonder that people look for ways to cut their utility bill, especially when the weather is warm. Several strategies help with that goal, including annual maintenance performed by contractors for heating and cooling in La Grange, IL.

Proactive steps help the system to work more efficiently and run less frequently. That not only reduces electric bills and any need for repair service, but it also increases the equipment’s lifespan.

Annual Maintenance

Yearly maintenance for central air conditioning is a crucial step. A qualified technician providing service for heating and cooling in La Grange, IL, inspects, cleans, and adjusts the equipment. Examples of tasks include checking refrigerant levels, flushing the coils, and vacuuming the blower areas. Worn parts are replaced to prevent breakdowns. This work can be scheduled in spring before the cooling system will be used or in early fall when the furnace should be maintained.

The technician also makes sure the thermostat works as it should and that no ductwork has come even slightly loose. Loose ducts will be tightened to stop cool and warm air from leaking out where it isn’t needed.

Additional Strategies

During warm weather, household residents can keep electric bills lower by running floor and ceiling fans. That keeps people comfortable with the thermostat set a bit higher. Changing the air filter as directed is also important because a clogged filter makes the system work harder.

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