3 Things for New Homeowners to Know About Heater Repair in Derby KS

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Buying a first home is a big step, and with the purchase comes a whole world of responsibility that includes scheduling regular appointments with heating and cooling maintenance providers. Below are several things for new homeowners to know about heater repair in Derby KS.

It’s Important to Schedule Regular Inspections

While most home purchases come with a pre-purchase inspection, the buyer should seriously consider having the HVAC system professionally inspected once they’ve moved in. Having a trusted professional do a detailed inspection can alert the homeowner to small problems that may become expensive fixes in the future. Additionally, the technician can show the new owner things they may not have known about the system. In short, routine maintenance can keep the unit running efficiently and help the homeowners save money throughout the system’s lifespan.

Learn About the Warranty

When a new home buyer calls for HVAC maintenance or repairs, they should spend time talking to the contractor about the system’s warranty and the steps they need to take to keep it in force. Some important details to consider include the coverage duration and the repairs that the warranty pays for. If the home was previously owned, the past owner may have done something to void the system’s warranty. However, if the warranty is still in effect, the steps below can void it.

  *    Failing to hire a licensed pro to perform an annual inspection and maintenance

  *    DIY repairs

  *    Using non-approved replacement parts

Replacing Air Filters

Replacing an HVAC system’s filter is a simple task for a homeowner to do, and it should be one of the first things done after all the boxes are unpacked. Even if the home is new, there may be dust and paint residue in the system. Or, if the house is older, there’s no way to tell when the filter was last changed. Read the owner’s manual to find out what type of filter the system needs, and keep track of when they are changed. In most cases, the filter should be replaced every two or three months.

While moving into a home can be an exciting time, there are important maintenance tasks to consider. For cooling and Heater Repair in Derby KS, check out our website today.

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