Common Indicators That Warrant Commercial Ventilation System Repair Services In Hereford TX

by | Jun 29, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Commercial businesses such as restaurants and manufacturing facilities rely on a ventilation system to keep an area comfortable and safe for workers. If a ventilation system malfunctions it can lead to injury and cause operations to come to a screeching halt. Most ventilation systems will show signs of an impending issue long before they stop working. It is important to pay attention to these matters and locate a company that can provide Commercial Ventilation System Repair Services in Hereford TX as soon as possible. Here are three indicators that trouble could be brewing.

Unusual Sounds

Most commercial ventilation systems operate quietly, but if any strange sounds occur they should be inspected immediately. The most common sounds to address are loud rumbling noises or screeching. These could be an indicator of an obstruction in the vent air channels or a worn out belt that is not making proper contact with the fan motor. Don’t let a sound go unchecked, as it could cause a motor to burn out and increase the amount of the repair.

Slow Initial Fan Speeds

A fan should reach full speed seconds after it is turned on. If a fan is slow to activate, it could mean there is a buildup of debris that is either weighing down the fan or blocking the motor assembly. A company that provides Commercial Ventilation System Repair Services in Hereford TX can inspect the system and clean up any areas that may be hampering the operation of the fan system.

Restricted Air Movement

Most commercial ventilation systems move significant amounts of air, and this can be seen as steam and other visible vapor rises. If the amount of air that is being removed is reduced, it could be caused by many items. The first thing to check is the system’s air filters. If these are clean, then it is best to contact a commercial ventilation technician so the internal components can be inspected for possible malfunctions.

While an industrial fan will operate without requiring much maintenance, it is important to let an expert fix any issues that arise. Contact Bob’s Heating & Air Conditioning and have any ventilation problems addressed right away. Their team of trained professionals can have any ventilation system operating properly in no time, and keep a business operational. You can also visit them on .

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