4 HVAC Repair Mistakes to Avoid

HVAC repair mistakes could deal extensive damage to your unit, or worst, compromise it beyond repair. Run through the list of mistakes you’ll want to avoid the next time.

Using a DIY approach

There are plenty of things you can do to fix your unit. You can change the air filters regularly to ensure optimum unit efficiency. You can clean the unit. You can even change the batteries of the thermostat to fix whatever bugs your thermostat has. There are plenty enough of DIY videos that can help you out. However, if you find yourself dealing with a complex problem, ditch the DIY approach and call in pros for HVAC repair instead. If you don’t, your attempts may do more harm than good to the system.

Not doing any research

Getting a trusted repair technician to come over and fix the problem is easier said than done, though. Considering the horror stories about dodgy repair contractors out there, you’ll want to take steps to ensure you hire technicians you can trust. That means doing a bit of research before you pick a contractor.

Not asking any details

Once you pick a contractor and AC service repair company, be sure to run over every detail, the SFGate says. What kind of services can you expect? What services does the quote cover? What kind of services will incur extra charges? By being clear about these things, you can prevent surprises later.

Forgetting the basics

Before you panic and start calling an HVAC contractor on the phone because your AC isn’t working, go and check the basics. Is it plugged in properly? Are the thermostat batteries working? Replace the batteries and check. If that solves the problem, then great. If it doesn’t, get someone to deal with it. Put in a call to a trusted repair contractor as soon as possible.

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