Considering the Best Times of Year to Have a New Central Air Conditioner System Installed

by | Nov 22, 2018 | Air Conditioning

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In southwestern Florida, many people run their central Air Conditioner System all year round. They probably don’t run it every day during the winter, but there are bound to be some excessively warm, humid days during that season. Homeowners who need to have a new system installed may wonder whether certain times of the year, such as winter, are better regarding pricing and getting on the schedule quickly.

Summer: A Busy Time

As could be expected, summer is the busiest time of year for Florida contractors who install a central Air Conditioner System in residences. That’s when air conditioners tend to break down the most because they are used so frequently. It’s also the time when people who have been delaying replacing a failed system can’t stand it anymore as the temperatures remain in the 90s with a dew point of 65.

That does not necessarily mean that homeowners will be able to buy the equipment and have the labor done at a lower price than during the summer. Many contractors don’t change their pricing by the season. Especially in Florida, air conditioning contractors don’t really have an actual off-season as is true in states to the north.

Fall and Spring: The Best Options for Fast Scheduling

Fall and spring tend to be the seasons when air conditioner installation can be scheduled quickly. Air conditioning contractors nearly always also install and repair heating systems, making them busier during the winter. They need to schedule new appointments after any furnace or other heating system installation already on the calendar except for emergency service.

Time for Research and Estimates

If the homeowners know they will need a new system before hot temperatures arrive and linger, they can use the cooler months to do some research on equipment and local contractors like AA Temperature Services INC. They can call for estimates and have a plan ready when it’s time to schedule the project. If the house is quite old, contractors can come by and see if any modifications to the ductwork or size of the central air system should be made before installation work begins. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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