4 Things To Consider Before An Air Conditioning Installation In Oklahoma City, OK

Unfortunately, air conditioning systems have a maximum lifespan. When the unit reaches its maximum lifespan, it will need to be replaced. Before an air condition installation in Oklahoma City, OK, the homeowner should take a few things into consideration.

Consider the Size Of the Home

The first thing to consider when installing an AC system is the size of the home. If the homeowner installs a system that is too small for their home, it will need to work harder to keep the house cool. Also, it won’t keep the house cool on the hottest days of the summer. If the unit is too big for the home, it will waste electricity.

Consider the Ductwork

If the homeowner is replacing their current air conditioning system, their original ductwork may not need to be replaced. Before planning a ductwork replacement, the homeowner should have the existing ductwork inspected. If there are leaks, there is a chance that they can be sealed up. This can be a huge money saver.

Consider the Coolant

When choosing the best air conditioning system, the homeowner should look at the type of coolant that each unit uses to cool the home. If the system uses R22 Freon, the homeowner should find a different unit. Soon, R22 Freon will no longer be available. It has been deemed a danger to the environment; therefore, it is being phased out. If the homeowner needs to have their system repaired, the tech may not be able to get R22 Freon to make the repairs. If they can, it will be costly. The homeowner is better off installing a system that uses a different type of coolant.

Upgrade the Thermostat

If the homeowner is replacing their current air conditioning system, they should also consider replacing the thermostat. Technology has come a long way in the past few years. The homeowner can install a programmable thermostat that they can set to go on and off at different times. They can also install a thermostat that can be controlled using their Smartphone. These thermostats are convenient, and they can save the homeowner money on their energy bills.

If a homeowner is planning a new air conditioning installation in Oklahoma City, OK, there are a few things that they should think about. Keeping these points in mind will help them install the best possible unit.