A Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Advises on Common Problems

by | Aug 19, 2019 | HVAC Contractor

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Keeping the building cool is one of the necessary objectives in a business for the equipment as well as the employees. When the commercial HVAC or air conditioning unit begins to have problems, there will be bigger problems if the matter is not resolved promptly. It becomes critical to either call a commercial contractor or implement a preventative maintenance plan that will address any HVAC problems before they escalate. There is a commercial air conditioning contractor in Norman, OK who advises potential customers on common air conditioning problems.

  • One problem that is common among commercial air conditioning units is that of low refrigerant. If there is a leak of refrigerant, this means that the coolant not only needs to be replaced but whatever is causing the leak must be repaired.

  • Another issue that could present itself is if the outside fan is not working. This could cause the air compressor to be overloaded and fail. This will lead to bigger problems and more expenses.

  • Another problem could be with faulty wiring. This problem could lead to a possible fire if not dealt with promptly. Faulty wiring is also the cause of many circuit breakers tripping.

  • When the outside unit is not functioning properly, this could be a problem with the thermostat or the contacts.

  • If there is a frozen coil, it is usually due to problems with the air flow, such as air filters that are dirty, or obstructions to the air ducts.

  • Another issue could be with the drain lines attached to the HVAC. This problem could stem from anywhere in the system that is connected to the drain lines. There could be dirt or algae in the lines.

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