A Guide to Getting a Warranty From an Air Conditioning Repair Service in Fort Collins CO

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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A new cooling and heating system is a significant investment for any homeowner. As the comparison process goes on, the customer should pay equal attention to the warranty and the unit’s features. If the unit fails within a short time, a good warranty from an Air Conditioning Repair Service Fort Collins CO can help reduce repair costs and minimize inconvenience. Use the checklist below to determine what a warranty covers, and to avoid unexpected expenses later on. Below is a quick guide to HVAC warranty terminology and coverage.

Warranty Term

As far as warranties are concerned, the word “term” refers to the warranty duration. The best manufacturers stand behind the products they sell for more than a few years, which is important in a system that can last for decades. HVAC repairs can be costly, and customers should look for a long-term warranty. However, a unit with a lifetime warranty may not cover labor costs for the entire term.

Parts Warranty

Warranty time periods vary for different parts of an air conditioning unit, such as the compressor or heat exchanger. For instance, the exchanger may be covered for 20 years, while the compressor may only have 10 years’ coverage. As the customer works with the contractor, they should ask whether the company or the manufacture has a warranty processing fee.

Extended Warranty

Dealers and manufacturers sometimes offer an extended warranty that adds up to ten years to labor and parts coverage. However, the customer should be cautious if a salesperson pushes the warranty, as it may indicate a low-quality system. In addition, the customer should learn other details, such as service availability during times of peak demand. Browse here for more details.

Installation Warranty

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, the HVAC contractor should stand behind its workmanship. Here, the contractor should provide protection in the event that something happens during installation or afterward. The best contractors offer a money-back guarantee for installation, so the client doesn’t have to pay for the technician’s mistakes.

HVAC warranties should offer customers the assurance that the Air Conditioning Repair Service Fort Collins CO and the manufacturer will step in when something goes wrong. It’s important to read the details of the warranty, and to ask Paul’s Plumbing & Heating questions if something isn’t clear.

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