Making Mistakes With Air Conditioner Installation In Fort Collins CO Can Cost You Big Time

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Making a mistake with Air Conditioner Installation in Fort Collins CO can cost a lot of money. For example, having the wrong refrigerant inside of an air conditioner when it is installed can cause parts to fail before their time. That isn’t the only concern with refrigerant. The wrong type can also lower the air conditioner’s efficiency. When an air conditioner has to work a lot harder because of the wrong refrigerant, it can lead to much higher energy bills. The problem can persist for years until it is detected.

Air Conditioner Installation in Fort Collins CO is thought to be easy in some cases. After all, not many individuals think they need help installing window units. Window units just aren’t that bulky. The problem is that some installation mistakes can still be made. A common problem that is found with window installations is that they aren’t secure enough. If installed incorrectly, the air conditioners can be easily moved. That can lead to drafts coming inside the building or the unit actually falling out. Professional installers can make sure that area surrounding the air conditioner is also properly insulated. It’s worth calling Good Guys Plumbing Heating & Air LLC or another service to make sure things are done correctly.

Homeowners who have central air conditioning might not have any choice but to use professional services for installation. What’s important is that there is a maintenance program in place after a central air conditioner is installed. If a maintenance program is in place, any installation problems might be detected before they have a chance to cause damage. Sometimes, it just takes a different pair of eyes to notice that another technician missed something. Although HVAC technicians are great at what they do, they are still only human. Mistakes can happen, but they can also be discovered if regular inspections are conducted.

Who wants to pay over $2,000 to fix a central air conditioner that has problems because of a faulty installation? That’s why homeowners need to make sure they use only qualified HVAC technicians with solid reputations to do their air conditioner installations. Companies that stand by their work and offer excellent guarantees are the only ones who should be trusted.

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