Air Conditioning Units in Alexandria, VA Should Receive Annual Inspections

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Your home’s comfort level is important, especially if you have children or elderly individuals living in your household. An air conditioning breakdown can make people sick, especially if they have problems with excessive heat. Therefore, it is important for homeowners to have air conditioning units in Alexandria, VA regularly inspected and checked.

How to Ensure a Maximum Level of Comfort

Air conditioning units require annual maintenance to keep performing at peak levels. With regular maintenance checks, your air conditioning and heating equipment will work better, and it will provide you with dependable performance for years to come. When you align yourself with a professional heating and cooling company, you can ensure peak performance and a maximum level of comfort.

How to Save on Your Utilities

Air conditioning units tend to consume a large portion of our average monthly electrical bill as well. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspections can make a substantial difference in your monthly cooling costs. As a matter of fact, your air conditioner is not regularly checked or serviced; it loses as much as 5% per year in overall efficiency. If your system operates at peak efficiency, it will cut your monthly cooling costs by about 25%. As a result, proper and periodic maintenance actually double the life of a residential heating and cooling system.

Schedule an Inspection Today

In addition, a number of health conditions are related to poor air quality, all of which can be lessened or eliminated by proper ventilation maintenance. Fortunately, any lost service or efficiency can be recouped through regular AC inspections. By employing a regular maintenance schedule, an AC unit will maintain as much as 96% of its original efficiency. Air conditioning units that operate at full capacity make a home more comfortable by optimizing the cooling process and by controlling humidity levels. You can find out more about scheduling maintenance services by taking a moment to visit the website that features HVAC upkeep packages.

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