Air Conditioning Service in Rehoboth Beach DE: Keeping Nighttime Central Air Costs Lower

by | Jul 21, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Time and again, people trying to save money on electricity during the summer find recommendations to set the thermostat in the 80s before they go to sleep. For many individuals, that defeats one of the main purposes of having central air conditioning: to have cool air in order to sleep better. They might not even bother with Air Conditioning Service in Rehoboth Beach DE if they couldn’t keep the home cool at night.

Temperature Setting

Obviously, the higher the thermostat is set when the exterior air is hot, the less electricity will be used. Energy Star encourages everyone to set the central air no lower than 78 degrees when they are home and awake. Rather than raise the temperature again before bed, they might simply leave it at 78 degrees and accept that they will be paying a little more on the utility bill.

Using Windows

In a climate like that of Delaware, this shouldn’t be very noticeable. Nighttime temperatures higher than 78 degrees are unusual. Most of the time, an exhaust fan in the window will bring the cooler air in so the central air can be turned off. Leaving the windows open at night is especially helpful when days are hot and nights are cool, although not everyone is comfortable doing this.

Attention to Equipment

Experts provide additional recommendations that allow people to feel comfy on hot summer nights while saving money at the same time. Annual Air Conditioning Service in Rehoboth Beach DE makes sure the equipment is running at optimum efficiency. Changing the air filter at least once during the summer is advisable, but homeowners often forget about this important step. A dirty filter forces the unit to work harder and use more electrical power.

Keeping the Heat Down

Another way to keep costs lower is to avoid doing things that make the house warmer just before bedtime. This generally isn’t a good time to bake cookies or boil spaghetti, for example. Shutting off electronic items that give off heat also is advisable.

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