How to Care for Nordyne Air Conditioners

by | Jul 27, 2017 | Air Conditioning

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When the temperatures outside begin to warm up considerably, many people turn on their Nordyne Air Conditioners, anxiously awaiting the cooling sensation that will take the heat away. It is vital for homeowners to know how to properly care for their air conditioner to avoid breakdowns in the middle of summer. With this information, homeowners will know how to properly care for their system to keep it running at its best.

Filter Care Is Vital

Having the filters cleaned is a must on any air conditioning system. Dirty filters will eventually lead to disaster, causing a unit to overheat and freeze up. Sometimes, overly dirty filters will cause dirt and debris to make their way past the filter and enter the motor and its components, where it can cause damage.

If homeowners want to properly care for their Nordyne Air Conditioners, they need to make sure they check the filters once a week and change them as soon as they show signs of becoming clogged with dirt. Most filters will need to be changed every thirty days, if not sooner.

It is also important an owner uses the right size and type of filter for their system. Using the wrong filter is almost as bad as having a dirty one in place because it will not properly protect the system from dirt and debris. Owners should carefully read their Nordyne owner’s manual to make sure they are using the right filters to keep their system operating properly.

Tips for Protecting the Condenser

Aside from keeping the filters changed, the biggest responsibility of the owner is to make sure they protect the condenser. The condenser is housed in the outside unit of the system. This unit needs plenty of space to ensure proper airflow, and this means keeping plants and objects at least two feet away on all sides. It also means an owner needs to trim their weeds and grass on a regular basis.

It is not difficult for owners to keep their systems operating properly if they simply follow these tips. Owners in need of repair or installation services should visit Website. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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