Air Conditioning Services in Oahu Focus on Preventative Maintenance

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Air Conditioning

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An annual inspection of your air conditioning system is advised to keep everyone in your household cool, especially during Hawaiian summers. One of the items on an inspector’s to-do list is checking the refrigerant. Testing the coolant is necessary as any decrease can cost a homeowner up to 20% more in electrical costs. Neglecting to add coolant can also cause undue wear and tear on an air conditioning unit.

Tasks Performed during AC Servicing

Other assessments that are made when air conditioning services in Oahu are performed include testing the voltage and amperage of motors and examining the airflow across the indoor cooling coil. The technician will also lubricate all the moving parts of a unit unless they have been sealed permanently.

Air conditioning services also include cleaning and adjusting the thermostat and testing and oiling the motors of the fans. In addition, services entail testing the fan belts and inspecting the airflow across the outdoor condenser coil.

Testing the Reversing Valve

It is also vital to know the refrigerant pressure and to check the electrical connections and wiring. Technicians who provide air conditioning services also test the indoor fan relay and review and test the compressor contactors. Testing the reversing valve is done on heat pumps while the drain lines are inspected on all cooling systems.

If you refer to such sites as Website, you can arrange to have your AC checked and serviced immediately. Not only will you prevent future mechanical troubles, you will save a great deal on your utilities. Performing preventative maintenance is a smart move to make, especially if you want to increase your home’s comfort level and reduce the costs associated with emergency repairs.

Do not wait until your cooling system breaks down to contact an AC service professional. Take the necessary precautionary measures today to ensure your family’s comfort and your peace of mind.

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