What To Do When Central Heating in Plymouth Stops Working

The benefits of having a home with Central Heating in Plymouth during a cold Minnesota winter can’t be overstated, but sometimes the heating system doesn’t function properly or stops working completely. When that happens, a homeowner’s primary concern is identifying and fixing the problem immediately so that the entire family will soon be warm again. Sometimes, though, it takes some time to determine what’s wrong or get the necessary parts to replace a broken boiler, furnace or heat pump. When this happens, there are some things a homeowner can do to help keep a house as warm as possible and protect plumbing at the same time.

Obviously, dressing more warmly should be the first step a homeowner should take. Layering lightweight fabrics under heavier outerwear such as sweatshirts and corduroy or flannel pants can help preserve body heat. A good way to stay warm is to snuggle together under blankets. If the temperature drops too low in the house, it might be a good idea to go to bed early with extra blankets piled on the beds. A fireplace is an excellent source of heat in a confined area in an emergency, particularly if it burns wood.

One of the primary ways to keep a house as warm as possible when the heat isn’t working is to close off rooms that aren’t being used. This is a time for families to get closer, particularly in the physical sense. If the heat isn’t working because of a problem with the heating source rather than because of electrical failure, kerosene heaters or vented stoves can be used to provide extra warmth during the emergency. These temporary solutions, of course, come with a warning that homeowners should be careful when using flammable liquids and be aware of potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Keeping plumbing pipes intact when Central Heating in Plymouth isn’t working properly is just as important as keeping a family warm. It’s a good idea to open the cabinet doors under sinks in bathrooms and the kitchen. Experts also recommend keeping a trickle of water running through pipes to prevent them from freezing. When a home’s central heating stops working, call Sabre Heating & Air Conditioning for service. Click here to get in contact with them now.