Being Proactive with Your Air Conditioner in Toledo, OH

by | Feb 17, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

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A good majority of people don’t worry about their air conditioning until the summer hits, and their unit doesn’t work. Then, they usually end up going into all kinds of debt getting it repaired or purchasing a new one. This is called reactive maintenance, and can be costly. It is much better if a person practices proactive maintenance, and have the unit serviced on a regular basis. A heating and air conditioning contractor that will service your air conditioner in Toledo OH advises customers to ensure that they keep their air conditioning units up-to-date.

Once a customer gets into a regular routine of maintaining his or her air conditioning or HVAC unit, he or she will find that they are saving a lot of money on expensive repairs, and also extend the life of the unit. Teaming up with a contractor who will help maintain the air conditioning unit is a great way to keep the air conditioner a long time. One of the things the customer can do to help with his or her air conditioner maintenance is to ensure he or she keeps air filters handy to be changed regularly. As long as the air conditioner can breathe, it can function properly in the home.

Other things that the customer can do are to check the thermostat control, keep the condenser unit clean, clean the condensate drain, and also the evaporator coil. Doing all of these things will keep the customer from having to call a contractor for emergency repairs. However, there are things that only the contractor can do, such as deal with refrigerant issues.

After all of these things, if the air conditioner is still causing problems, it may be time to invest in a new unit. Preferably, the customer will want to get a unit that is high-efficiency and also energy-efficient. A1 Heating & Home Improvement is a heating and air conditioning contractor that has been providing services to the Toledo, Ohio area for nearly five decades. If you need air conditioning repair or want to purchase an Air Conditioner in Toledo OH you can visit their website at On their website, they tell you to “contact us.”

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