What to Expect After an Air Conditioning Repair in Clearwater FL

Since the home heating and cooling system was not working properly, the homeowner called a local service and arranged for an Air Conditioning Repair in Clearwater FL. With the job completed, the client can look forward to enjoying a number of advantages. Here are some examples.

The System is Quiet

Before the Air Conditioning Repair in Clearwater FL, the unit was making a lot of noise. It was not just noise that could be heard when standing close to the unit itself. The sound was also audible inside the home. Now that the repair is finished, the homeowner notices that things are a lot quieter. That will mean the odds of being awakened when the unit cycles on at night are much lower.

The System Does Not Run as Much

In the weeks leading up to the repair, it seemed as if the unit never cycled off. Even allowing for the warm temperature, the unit should have been cycling on and off regularly. Once the repairs were completed, the owner noticed that the system was once more coming on long enough to cool the interior, then cycling down for awhile. That translates into less wear and tear on the system, and repairs will not be needed again for some time.

Lower Energy Bills

The fact that the system was running so much led to greater energy consumption. How much energy was consumed became evident when the utility bill arrived. Thanks to the recent repair, the unit is functioning more efficiently now and not using as much energy. The result will be lower electric bills in the months to come.

Longer Life

Thanks to regular maintenance and timely repairs, the life of the unit will be extended. That is important since heating and cooling systems are not cheap. Getting a few more years from the current unit ultimately means enjoying more returns from the original investment in the system.

For anyone who thinks the heating and cooling unit could use some help, contact the team at Palm Harbor Heating And Air Conditioning today. A professional will inspect the unit and determine what needs to be done in order to ensure it offers excellent service for years to come.