When to Call a Residential Furnace Contractor in Loveland CO

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Air Conditioning

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There are several reasons a person may need to call a Residential Furnace Contractor in Loveland CO. While one reason is repairs, there are some others, too. In addition to repairs from time to time, a homeowner may need emergency service if something suddenly breaks. Contractors also need to be called for ongoing maintenance.

Learn more about each of these situations and why it’s so important to hire a contractor here.

Annual Furnace Maintenance

The best time to have a furnace maintained is in the fall before it’s going to be used. This gives a homeowner time to make sure that everything is working properly before the colder months of the year arrive. If there are any issues detected, the homeowner also has time to decide if they want to invest in repairs or a replacement, schedule the repairs or new installation, and take care of any surprises that may occur along the way.

During the maintenance, the unit’s filters need to be replaced or cleaned, the airflow from the unit should be tested and the moving parts need to be fully cleaned and lubricated. Tests also need to be performed to ensure that everything is functional and safe.

Having this type of maintenance done each year, before winter, ensures the furnace can make it through these often-extreme months. While this may not seem like a very big deal, preventative maintenance is well-worth the investment.

Heating Emergency Situations

In addition to the regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s also a good idea to remain aware of certain red flags that may indicate the furnace is having issues. High heating costs, rooms that don’t heat evenly, and strange sounds or smells need to all be checked out by a professional. This will help ensure that no serious issues are present and expedite the repairs that are needed.

When it comes time to hire a Residential Furnace Contractor in Loveland CO, be sure to remember that not all are created equal. To find a reliable, experienced technician, be sure to contact the staff at Poudre Valley Air. Being informed is the best way to minimize the possibility of serious furnace issues.

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