Guide to Air Conditioner Installation in San Marcos TX

Residents in central Texas rely on air conditioners to keep their homes comfortable and cozy in the brutally hot Texas heat. When they hire a contractor for air conditioner installation in San Marcos TX, they want to know the best unit for their home was recommended and that the installation will be completed correctly. Follow these suggestions to help make the right choice during the installation process.

Who is Recommended?

Talk to trusted members of the community such as co-workers, neighbors, or friends about AC companies they have used in the past for both installations and repairs. Talk about their experiences and if they would use that company again. Read reviews from past customers on websites such as Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List. Pay particular attention to companies that are mentioned multiple times. Keep a list running of recommended companies to call and request an estimate for the AC installation.

Get it in Writing

Reputable air conditioning companies will offer free estimates for air conditioner installations. Contact at least three companies from your list to request an estimate. Be wary of any contractor who attempts to provide an estimate over the phone without first coming out to look at the home. Many factors go into deciding which air conditioner unit will work best in a house, and that information cannot possibly be known without first seeing the house in person. Request that an estimate is in writing and that it details out the cost of the recommended unit, labor, and includes information about warranties and any available rebates.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

Before any work begins in the home, make sure to verify that a contractor has the proper license and is fully insured. Licensed contractors have proven they have the requisite knowledge and skill to complete HVAC work correctly. Additionally, most AC manufacturer’s require that their units are installed by licensed technicians to keep the warranty in full effect. Hiring an unlicensed contractor is certainly not worth the risk. Additionally, homeowners need to protect themselves from financial liability by hiring only contractors who carry adequate insurance.

Choosing a Contractor

After comparing estimates, a homeowner needs to decide which company, they feel, will provide the best overall value to their AC installation. Go with the contractor with whom you feel most comfortable. Check out Website Domain for more information about air conditioner installation in San Marcos TX.