Change the Filter Regularly for More Efficient Residential Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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For the most efficient Residential Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA, people must change the filter as directed. Doing so at least every three months is the usual recommendation whenever the central air or furnace is running at least somewhat regularly. If the filter is allowed to get too dirty, the dust and other substances clog up the device and force the system to work harder. That means higher electric and heat bills, and it also is harder on the equipment. Repairs may become necessary earlier than would otherwise be the case.

Technicians who work on Residential Air Conditioning in San Dimas CA are dismayed whenever they discover that the owners haven’t bothered to change the filter routinely. It’s such an easy task, and the devices are very affordable. For most people, one of the lower-cost pleated filters conveniently available in home improvement and hardware stores will do just fine. Yet many homeowners act like this simple task is so difficult that they don’t get around to accomplishing it.

Heating and cooling technicians from a company such as Cypress Heating & Air Conditioning would like to see property owners always have replacement filters on hand. These customers might mark the date the filter should be changed on the package label and also make note of this on a paper or computerized calendar. Checking the filter every month is also advisable because it gives people an idea of how quickly dirt, hair and other debris accumulate. If the device becomes dirty more quickly than it probably should, the homeowner can let the service technician know about this during the annual maintenance appointment. Some adjustment to the system may be helpful.

On the other hand, varying circumstances can lead to more dust and other substances in the system. Return-air registers in a household that isn’t kept clean will draw dust into the equipment. If outside projects kick up dirt and dust, more particles can wind up in the home’s ventilation system. Simply having a large number of people or several pets living in the home also contribute to the problem.

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