A Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor in Jackson, MS Can Set You Up with a Preventative Maintenance Plan

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Whether it is the middle of winter or the hottest part of summer, you need to make sure your home is comfortably warm or cool. You also need to confirm that your heating and cooling equipment is checked and serviced regularly. That is why it is important to sign up for a preventative maintenance plan.

Protection against Breakdowns

You can get further details about this type of premium service plan by speaking with heating and air conditioning contractor in Jackson, MS. This type of plan is an ideal way to protect against breakdowns. It is also a guarantee for the customer that he or she will receive routine scheduled maintenance.

Many plans feature priority services for heating and air conditioning as well as plumbing whether the call is considered routine or an emergency. In addition, plans also normally offer a discount (usually 15%) on all repair services. A lifetime warranty is also included for each repair.

Some of the Guarantees

When you sign up for this type of preventative maintenance plan with heating and air conditioning contractor, you get a solid guarantee that a service company will stand behind its work. A customer satisfaction guarantee is built into such a plan as well. Therefore, customers are assured that they will be completely satisfied or the company will do whatever is needed to make it right. On-time service guarantees also pay customers if the service technician is even a minute late.

According to heating and air conditioning contractor specialists, heating and air conditioning system should be serviced twice a year on a regular basis. The filter should be changed routinely. By making this type of change, you avert the possibility of a serious breakdown.

You can obtain more information about this type of preventative maintenance agreement as well as related services by contacting companies such as Springfield Heating & Air. Make a commitment today to ensure your home’s comfort and to avoid any major heating or cooling expense.

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