Cooling Systems: A Practical Purchase & Upgrade

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Summers in Edmond can be a testing period for the residents of the city. The small city is based in Oklahoma, United States, and experiences a long and humid summer period. Edmond lies in central Oklahoma, in the Sandstone Hills region, which has a humid subtropical climate. To make it through the hot summers, it is a necessity for the residents to purchase cooling systems for central cooling, or opt for air conditioners.

When choosing heating and cooling systems, there are various factors to consider: pricing, efficiency, temperature ranges, lifespan and warranty. An energy-efficient cooling system will keep your house cool and comfortable while maintaining expenses in check. Most well-maintained cooling systems last as long as 15-20 years, provided that they are well maintained and serviced on a regular basis. Therefore, it only makes sense to opt for a well-established brand when upgrading, copping out on the one expense can result in significant ones over time.

Factors to consider when making the purchase

Cooling systems are set up by establishing ducts throughout the property. In a case where ducts have already been set up for heating, it is necessary to make sure that they are ideal for cooling as well. Cooling systems require more air flow than heating systems and, unlike hot air, cold air travels downward; which is why most cooling system ducts need to be at a higher level while heating ducts are placed closed to ground level.

Most common cooling systems modes are split systems. With these, one condenser is placed outside the establishment and it links to a coil and fan system inside the house, which is filled with a refrigerant to cool and de-humidify the air. The ducts are used to spread the cooled air to various areas in the house/office. Some houses are not spacious enough to accommodate a cooling system, so these split air-conditioners are a good alternative. While these can help with the cooling process they’re not as convenient as central cooling systems.

Another feature to keep in mind are digitally programmable thermostats. In comparison to the outdated knob systems, these offer much more control over the unit, allowing users to select the exact temperature at which the cooling system operates. This also helps to ensure less load on the HVAC system over time. This is also a key benefit for commercial offices which require a larger unit and constantly functioning systems.

In some cases, most households and offices operate on outdated cooling systems, those which have been setup more than 12-15 years ago. These outdated units may be functioning properly, but they still take up a lot more energy than modern eco-friendly systems. This means that upgrading to a new unit will only help cut down monthly bills, but also be less harmful for the environment at large.

Most cooling system sellers offer free or discounted services for a certain period of time. These regular services help to ensure that the new unit is performing at its optimum capacity. The servicemen also check for pipelines and excess ducts and verify the functioning of the individual parts.

In the city of Edmond, most households opt for central cooling systems over air conditioners. In cases where a household/office is using outdated systems or air conditioners, now is the ideal time to upgrade to a new cooling system. The cooling systems which are sold in today’s market are constantly improving as new technologies and techniques are developed. Simply put, they are better in every aspect, and a purchase made today will surely seem like a wise decision in a few years.

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