Which HVAC Is Right for You?

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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If you’re shopping for an HVAC contractor in Fayetteville – whether to replace a faulty unit or to upgrade an older house – it pays to consider all your options. Are you installing for a large home, a small one, or a single portion of a house? How much renovation can you get away with? Are you more concerned about summer or winter, or do you want year-round options? HVAC systems vary in what they offer.

Furnaces vs Heat Pumps

Furnaces generate heat via combustion, then drive warm air through ducts into the various rooms in your home. Heat pumps, by contrast, transfer air into or out of your home, moving heat instead of generating it. In colder winters, furnaces can provide more heat and cost less to operate; heat pumps are more efficient for moderate climates and can cool your home in the summer as well. An HVAC contractor in Fayetteville might give you the latter option instead, as winters are milder.

Central Units

While air conditioners and heaters can come separately, a central HVAC unit is a good option if your space is limited, since they provide heat and cooling as needed through your entire house. If your house can accommodate the infrastructure, this also means less equipment overall and lower installation costs. Keep in mind, though, the maintenance costs for the ducts as well as the single unit, which will be doing work all year for your whole home.

Split Systems

If you have space to spare and want to avoid installing new ducts, split HVAC systems could appeal to you. This provides multiple indoor and outdoor units connected by smaller conduits, and the latter can be placed further away from home. The decentralized system lets you selectively heat or cool parts of the house and turns off units in unused rooms. If your house has no air ducts, you can avoid having to retrofit it for a central HVAC unit by going for a split system. Be ready for higher upfront costs for the units themselves, though.

When the time comes to install or upgrade, ask your HVAC contractor in Fayetteville what might be best for your needs. Browse the website to get more information and schedule a service call.

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