Deciding on the Type of Heating Installation in Omaha NE for a Disabled Person’s Custom-Built Home

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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When a disabled person plans to have a custom house constructed that will be completely satisfactory for his or her condition, numerous features will be taken into consideration. This man or woman may wonder whether a forced-air furnace, boiler system, or electric baseboards have any advantages and disadvantages for a person dealing with a certain type of disability. Contractors providing Heating Installation in Omaha NE will be glad to answer questions.

As long as the heat source does not require extra work on the part of the homeowner, the advantages and disadvantages of these systems are the same as they are for fully-able individuals. This person will not want a wood-fired boiler or a wood stove, but most boilers are fueled with natural gas or propane.

Financial Considerations: Installation Cost and Efficiency

Financial considerations for Heating Installation in Omaha NE may be especially important if this man or woman will be living on a fixed income. The boiler system costs more to install than a forced-air furnace does. However, the boiler system also will be more efficient and result in lower utility bills. Electric baseboards are the least efficient method of the three, and those utility bills can be significantly higher than with the other choices.

Central Air Conditioning and Ductwork

This person may want central air conditioning, which requires ducts to all the rooms in the house. Boilers and electric baseboards do not use a duct system. The price point for installing ductwork and an indoor air handler for central air without the furnace can seem quite high, so most homeowners with boilers and baseboard heat do not have central air. For many people, that is a deal breaker as far as choosing a boiler.

Men and women with certain disabling conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, feel much better during hot weather when they have air conditioning throughout the home. They can hire a contractor such as Accurate Heating & Cooling to install the furnace and central air while their custom home building contractor is working on the house construction.

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