Enhance Air Conditioning Rochester Hills, MI with Regular Filter Changes

by | Oct 23, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Pet dander, smoke, sneeze debris, outdoor pollutants, and molds can harm the health of household occupants. Luckily, air conditioning Rochester Hills, MI can remove a majority of these substances. To perform this important function, it’s necessary to regularly change an air conditioner’s filter. The following tips offer advice to make this task simpler and more productive.

Locate Filter Compartment

Find the location of the filter compartment. A filter compartment may be located within a central air return register. This is commonly situated in a common area. A filter compartment will likely be in front of the air handler when the home has multiple return vents. The air handler is likely located in the attic or garage. When a search fails to locate the filter compartment, call an AC specialist in Rochester Hills, MI for advice.

Clean or Change Filter

After locating the filter compartment, remove the cover with a screwdriver or other tool. Set screws or other fasteners to the side. Carefully remove the filter. A filter can be disposable or reusable. Set the filter to the side. Use the hand attachment of a vacuum to suction out the filter compartment. Also, use a vacuum to suction off the surface contents from a reusable filter. Place a disposable filter in a bag and dispose of it. Take a reusable filter outside. Use a garden hose to rinse off the surface contents. Allow it to air dry.

Replace Filter

Replace a reusable filter into its former position. It may be necessary to purchase another reusable filter when the filtering material on an old one becomes loose or damaged. Put another disposable filter into the filter compartment with the same measurements as the old disposable filter. The measurements of a filter are often on the side of the filter. When these are faded, find the dimensions with a tape measure. Ensure that the cover and fasteners are secured in place.

It’s prudent to change an AC filter about once a month. A homeowner may need to do this more in an area with an elevated level of pollution. Doing this prolongs the useful life of an air conditioner. For information on AC services, please browse the website of Business Name. This company offers commercial and residential AC services.

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