Evaluating Older Heating And Cooling Units in Kitsap County After Home Purchasing

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Heating And Cooling

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When a family falls in love with an older house and decides to buy it, they’ll want to know how old the furnace and central air conditioner are. This gives them a ballpark idea of how long it will be before the equipment needs to be replaced. When it comes to maintenance and inspection of Heating And Cooling Units Kitsap County has licensed technicians available to do the work. The home’s new residents will want to have the system checked over and cleaned before winter, especially if they can’t find out when this was last done or how often the equipment was maintained.

After the inspection, Heating And Cooling Units Kitsap County technicians tell the homeowners any problems they have discovered or, conversely, whether everything is in good working order. It’s possible that a component should be replaced before the heating season begins in full force; that will prevent breakdowns and the need for emergency repair. A technician may also be able to give a knowledgeable estimate of how long the equipment should last before the new homeowners must start planning for replacement. Visit website for more details.

A furnace that is more than 20 years old is significantly less energy-efficient than today’s models, and it likely is noisier. Also, many older furnaces do not have electronic ignition, and instead have a pilot light burning all the time. If the home’s furnace is this old, it’s best to start thinking ahead in case a serious problem develops, such as a crack in the equipment or deterioration that increases the risk of carbon monoxide leaks. Experts recommend not having major repair work done to furnaces this old.

The central air unit probably won’t need replacement even if it is the same age since Kitsap County is characterized by cool weather throughout the summer. Residential air conditioning commonly is run sparingly in this region. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to have a contractor such as Quality Heating Electrical & AC inspect and clean the central air unit too. That will uncover any issues with the device and make sure it’s working at maximum efficiency when the home’s residents do want to run it.

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