Hire an Industrial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY For Help in Choosing a New Unit

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Installing a new furnace in a commercial building can be costly, but there are ways to minimize the expense. Below are some easy tips to help business owners make the right decision when it’s time for heating system repair or replacement.

Treat it as an Investment

Most buyers base decisions primarily on price, but this strategy won’t get then too far. Business owners should choose systems that keep the building comfortable and warm throughout its lifespan. Geothermal heating is a good option, offering substantial savings in many cases. Though equipment purchases and installation with an Industrial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY requires a higher initial investment, these units’ efficiency and durability are unmatched.

Get the Right Features

Now that the business owner understands that a heating system is an investment, they should see that spending a bit more for certain features makes sense. When making a decision, managers should look for the below features.

Variable operation modes, which allow the furnace to adapt to current conditions to offer increased reliability and comfort.

Greater safety. Geothermal systems are superior to gas models, as they don’t involve combustion and there’s no risk of a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Humidity control. The system the manager chooses should allow them to add moisture during winter and remove it during summer.

Variable speed air handlers are good if the manager wants to eliminate hot or cold spots.

Choose the Right Company

The best Industrial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY can install furnaces to ensure continued efficient performance. When choosing an installer, the business owner should ask about the company’s experience with their chosen model and equipment type.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

As commercial heating systems become more efficient, there’s no reason to buy an old, energy consuming model. Check each unit’s Energy Star rating and choose a unit offering the highest possible level of efficiency. Browse here to know more.

Look for Tax Breaks

Some energy saving models may allow a business owner to get federal or state tax breaks. By choosing a geothermal system, one may get a tax credit of 30% or more. Warranty coverage is another major factor to consider when making a purchase decision with Inter County Mechanical Corp., an Industrial Heating Contractor in Brooklyn NY.

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