Reasons to Have Air Conditioning Company in Mechanicsburg Technicians Complete Annual Maintenance and Inspection

by | May 3, 2016 | Air Conditioning Contractors

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Homeowners in Pennsylvania typically get their furnace inspected, cleaned, and maintained every year or two, but they don’t tend to schedule similar service for the central air conditioning equipment. They figure that the furnace runs a great deal more than the air conditioning does so the central air unit shouldn’t need that type of service from an Air Conditioning Company Mechanicsburg has available. However, experts recommend having the central air unit as well as the furnace maintained once a year.

Now, homeowners are likely to wonder when to schedule the appointment. If heating and cooling companies recommend having the furnace maintained during fall months, having the central air unit cleaned in spring will involve another service call. Some companies offer service packages where the technicians tackle the furnace project in fall and the central air unit in spring for one combination price. If the homeowners would rather have all the work done at once, that is better than not having the central air unit checked over at all. Since they use the furnace considerably more than the central air, it may be better to schedule the appointment before the heating season begins.

One reason to have air conditioning company in Mechanicsburg technicians inspect and maintain the equipment is to make sure it runs at maximum energy efficiency. A portion of the bill for the service will be offset by the lower electric bills when the unit functions at its greatest efficiency level. This can be a noticeable difference. Another reason is to prevent equipment breakdowns in the heat of the summer, as the technicians can see whether any parts are wearing out and should be replaced.

Technicians from a company such as NB Mechanical Services also can make suggestions on any strategies the homeowner can use to improve efficiency and extend the life of the equipment. For instance, if the equipment is situated in the heat of the sun most of the day, it could be sheltered to a certain extent with shade plants. However, those plants should not obstruct air flow, as that is counterproductive. The device needs plenty of ventilation to keep from building up heat.

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