Keep Those Family Members Comfortable Using Central AC Units in Charleston, SC

The comfort of family members can be extremely important, and ensuring the home environment is properly cooled is just the first step. However, there is a lot of effort required to cool a building and a variety of appliances than can handle the task. For example, a small space such as an efficiency apartment can often get by with a window unit. This is a portable air conditioning system that can be found in many big-box outlets. The downsides to this option include poor coverage in large rooms and a lot of noise.

One option for larger dwellings is the use of Central AC Units in Charleston SC. There are a couple of comfort appliances that fit this category, including the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. The HVAC is simply a centrally-located appliance that also includes a furnace. Another is the standalone central AC, and this option works well for homes with an alternative heating solution.

The HVAC system is, arguably, the most common comfort appliance in the country. This could be due to its multiple functions, but it may also be sheer convenience. After all, the HVAC and most other central cooling systems are normally accessed at the thermostat, and the property owner rarely deals with the bulkier portions of the system except when cleaning them.

One reason that Central AC Units in Charleston SC can be left alone during normal usage is the location of its major components. There are two of them: the condenser unit and the air exchanger. The former is generally placed beside the building or on top of it. The latter will be found in some out-of-the-way location such as an attic or custom closet. Wherever it goes, it will need a supply of fresh air, and this can be an inlet tube with an attached filter system.

It is important to remember that forced air systems need regular maintenance and cleaning, especially if the air exchanger is placed in an attic or other dusty areas. Dirt can quickly clog the appliance, but a much more difficult problem can occur: an obstructed evaporator coil. This is a result of condensation on the metal and the dust found in the environment. Eliminating this problem could require the removal of the coil for thorough cleaning. Contact the experts at Preferred Home Services to learn more about AC maintenance or repair.