Changing the Furnace Filter Regularly Helps Prevent the Need for Emergency Repairs by a Heating Company in Reno

by | Mar 29, 2016 | HVAC Contractor

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A Heating Company in Reno wants everyone with a furnace and central air conditioner to understand the importance of changing the air filter regularly. First, a dirty filter is clogged with dust, hair and other debris, which limits air flow. That means the furnace and central air equipment must work harder to keep the house at the temperature set on the thermostat. That costs extra money in utility bills and also reduces the longevity of the appliance. The furnace may need parts replaced sooner than would otherwise be the case. For efficiency reasons and to keep the heating and cooling system in good working order, changing the filter is a quick and inexpensive strategy.

When someone pulls out the filter to check its condition, the person may be alarmed if the filter is exceptionally dirty. It may seem like a good idea to remove the filter right then and there even if a replacement is not immediately available. However, nobody should ever remove a filter if they can’t replace it immediately. With no filter in place, dust and other debris goes right into the appliance, which can cause damage and a need for repair by a heating company in Reno area. The best method is to always keep at least one replacement filter on hand. Since they are sold at virtually all home improvement shops and hardware stores, this should be easy to do.

Homeowners can follow the instructions on the product labeling, but the guidelines may suggest changing the filter only every three months. In a climate like that of Reno, it may be advisable to change the filter monthly during peak air conditioning season and during peak heating season. Filter-changing guidelines are generally developed for an average climate, but places that experience a great deal of hot or cold weather cannot be considered average. Reno’s average January temperature is only 35 degrees and its average July daytime temperature is 91. At the least, homeowners should check the filter every month to learn how quickly it gets noticeably dirty. Technicians from a Heating Company such as Paschall Plumbing can answer any questions customers have about furnace filters.

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