What to Expect Once New Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne, IN is Installed

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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For the last few years, the homeowner nursed along the old heating and cooling unit. Once it became apparent that this approach was essentially tossing good money after bad, the decision was made to invest in new Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN. With the system now in place, the owner can look forward to reaping a number of benefits.

Here are some examples.

Things Are Quieter Around the House

It is only after the new Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne IN, is in place that the homeowner realizes how loud the older unit had become. That’s because the assortment of wheezes, rattles, and thumps developed slowly, almost without the owner realizing what was happening. With the new unit up and running, there is a lot more peace and quiet around the house. That is especially appreciated at night when family members are trying to sleep.

No More Hot Spots

Over the last couple of years, the homeowner noticed that certain rooms were warmer than others. Prior to that time, the temperature throughout the home was uniform. Now that the old unit is history and the new system is in place, every area of the home is once again at a comfortable temperature. The days of freezing in the bedroom so that the family room is comfortable are over.

Lower Utility Costs

While the owner realized that the older unit was consuming more energy, just how much was wasted did not become clear until the first full billing cycle after the replacement. One look at the power bill is all it takes to confirm that making the change was a wise move. In the months and years to come, the savings on utility costs will go a long way toward paying for the purchase and installation of that new air conditioner.

For anyone who is thinking about replacing an older unit with a new one, call the team at Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning today. A professional will visit the home, conduct an inspection, and make some suggestions for the replacement. Once the right unit is selected, it will be easy to set a date for the installation and ensure everything is working properly.

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