Reasons to Consider Air Conditioning Installation in Moore, OK this Year

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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An efficient air conditioning unit will help a homeowner save money on their energy costs during the hottest months of the year. Over time, central air conditioning systems become less efficient and then cost more to operate. Although homeowners may be able to reduce the costs with proper maintenance, an inefficient unit will eventually need to be replaced. In many cases, a new, energy-efficient model will pay for itself in a short period of time.

Repair or Replace?

It is often possible to repair a broken air conditioner to get it working for another season. However, if the equipment is more than five to seven years old, this often just delays the inevitable. The extra money spent on the repair could have been invested in a new unit that would be more energy-efficient and also a lot more reliable. If the equipment is not very old or if this is its first time breaking down, a repair might be cost-effective.

Choosing a New System

Before a homeowner can get an Air Conditioning Installation in Moore OK, they have to choose a new unit. The technician should recommend an air conditioner based on the size of the home as well as other energy efficiency features already installed in the house. It’s important to choose the right size of equipment to avoid paying too much to operate it during the summer.

Preventive Maintenance

After getting the new Air Conditioning Installation in Moore OK, homeowners must maintain the equipment. Most HVAC professionals recommend one scheduled maintenance per year, typically done in the spring. This helps ensure the system is clean and running smoothly before the season starts. It’s easy to want to skip these appointments when the equipment is new but they may be required to maintain the warranty.

Replacing an air conditioner is a big investment, but it is worth it to Contact Climatech Heat and Air if the current equipment breaks down every year. The cost of repairs to an older unit, coupled with the extra cost to operate an inefficient system, makes purchasing a new one a great choice for a family that wants to be comfortable in their home all summer.

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