Three Factors To Consider When Contemplating Furnace Replacement in Springfield, Missouri

A furnace will only last so long, and when it’s malfunctioning, sometimes it’s better to replace the unit instead of making repairs. The information below can help you decide if you want to call a repairman or contact a company that specializes in Furnace replacement in Springfield, MO.

Furnace Age

If you’ve had the same furnace for 20 years or more, then it’s probably a good time to think about buying a new model. Furnaces that are around 15 to 20 years old will start having mechanical problems if they haven’t already. Homeowners who need to spend a good amount of money to repair their furnace should consider purchasing a new one. Once a component in a furnace wears out, other mechanical problems start to arise. The money that a homeowner spends on repairs could be used toward purchasing a new, updated furnace. Components that often wear out in old furnaces include the inducer motor, blower motor and the control board. If any one of these parts needs to be replaced, it will be expensive, and a homeowner will be better off to buy a new furnace.

Furnace Efficiency

Today furnaces are manufactured to work as efficiently as possible. If your old furnace isn’t energy efficient, it actually cost you extra money each month to run it. Energy efficient units are built to warm a house faster by using less electricity. Not only do homeowners feel more comfortable in their homes using an efficient furnace, but their electric bill is also less expensive.

Furnace Safety

The most important factor in deciding whether to repair or replace a furnace is the safety of the old furnace. If the furnace is too old to be safe, then it’s definitely time to contact a technician for Furnace replacement. If the heat exchanger in a furnace becomes cracked, this can cause carbon monoxide to leak inside the home. This poisonous gas is often fatal, and it’s just too risky to keep an unsafe furnace in the home.

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