Keep Things Warm With Commercial Furnace Service in Schaumburg

by | Jul 1, 2024 | Heating & Cooling

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HVAC systems are one of a business’s biggest energy users, accounting for about 15% of the energy used in the average building. According to the Department of Energy, most of the cost of powering a heating system goes to waste.

Reducing waste can improve a company’s sustainability while reducing operating costs, and many of these steps are very simple. Below, customers can learn how commercial furnace service in Schaumburg, along with basic steps, can make a business’ heating system eco-friendly.

Change filters to reduce energy waste

A dirty filter forces a system to work harder, costs more to operate, and can cause air quality issues. To reduce maintenance costs and issues, check the filter each quarter and consider hiring a technician for regular checkups. Changing dirty filters is one of the simplest steps a business owner can take, and it can reduce energy waste by up to 10%.

Save Hundreds With a Programmable Thermostat

Thermostat settings are a source of controversy for many businesses. Installing a programmable thermostat takes away most of the burden of tailoring settings to a varied customer base and workforce by focusing on reduced cost and greater sustainability. Finding a commercial HVAC technician can help managers and business owners get the programmable thermostat that meets their needs.

Reduce maintenance costs with regular service appointments

Commercial furnace service in Schaumburg is like giving a car a tune-up; both steps are necessary for optimal performance. Regular HVAC maintenance ensures that the equipment isn’t wasting energy because of age or poor performance. To unlock these savings, business owners should seek the advice and knowledge of a trained HVAC technician.

Improve Efficiency with Heating Upgrades and Replacements

Sometimes the easiest way to improve a heating system’s efficiency is by replacing or upgrading the equipment. Running a system past its suggested lifespan can lead to increased maintenance and energy costs. If the system is more than a decade old, replace it with an EnergyStar-certified product that can reduce energy usage by up to 20%.

Work with a Qualified Contractor

To get the most out of any repair, replacement, or upgrade, it’s important to work with a qualified contractor. The technician can do checkups and tell business owners how and when to perform the right maintenance tasks. Visit Residential Heating and Cooling at to schedule service.

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