Tips for How to Help Your HVAC in Lake Zurich Run More Efficiently

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Heating & Cooling

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Is it getting expensive to run your HVAC in Lake Zurich? Here are some tips to help your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and use less energy.

Change the Filter Regularly

Make it a habit to change your HVAC filter. A dirty filter makes it harder for the heating and cooling systems to do their jobs. They use more energy because air can’t get through a clogged filter. Changing the filter every 30 days not only keeps energy costs lower but puts less strain on the HVAC system. The result? Your system runs better and lasts longer.

Schedule Professional Tune-ups

Many people skip professional tune-ups because they think changing the filter is enough. Seasonal tune-ups, once in the fall and once in the spring, are recommended to ensure the HVAC system is calibrated and any minor mechanical issues are detected and fixed. Broken blower motors, loose parts, and other mechanical problems can affect the system’s energy usage. Seasonal tune-ups done by HVAC professionals catch these issues and others and make adjustments to ensure your heating and cooling don’t cost you a fortune to use.

Help You HVAC Do Its Job

If you have sunny rooms, keep the shades or blinds open during the day in the winter to warm the rooms naturally and take some pressure off the furnace. In the summer, close the shades or blinds during the sunniest part of the day to keep the room cooler.

For more information about using your HVAC in Lake Zurich more efficiently, check out Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp.

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