Enjoy Cool Comfort Using Quality Air Conditioning Installation in Dallas TX

by | Jun 25, 2024 | HVAC Contractor

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Winter may seem like an odd time to think about air conditioning, but it is also the best time to get great deals. Surprisingly, Air Conditioning Installation in Dallas TX is much easier than many people think, provided the task is handled by a professional. Why would a new AC be beneficial? The main reason is efficiency. As the appliance ages, its efficiency dwindles. It is possible to repair parts of the system which may improve things, but older equipment can only be fixed so many times. Plus, certain repairs are very costly like replacing the compressor or condenser system. In some instances, the parts become so difficult to locate that the expense isn’t worth it.

Another reason to consider Air Conditioning Installation in Dallas TX is to replace a single function, forced air appliance. This may be an AC or furnace. Standalone furnace systems are actually fairly common, especially in homes with an alternate cooling method. Thankfully, replacing these appliances is generally easier because part of the work is done. It is recommended that the existing air ducts be checked for leaks or damage and replaced if necessary. One possible concern may be the that the current location for the appliance is not large enough to house a newer model. It may be possible to select from a more streamlined system such as those used in manufactured housing.

Of course, not all air conditioners use the forced air method. One alternative is the split or ductless AC. This particular system separates the condenser just like forced air units, but each condensing system can supply multiple blowers. This setup allows the owner to control the temperature in various areas of the building. One possible configuration is cooling the master bedroom with one unit and placing others in the main living area. This allows setting a cooler temperature during those sweltering nights without changing the settings in other areas. One advantage of the split system is the possibility of reversing the condenser so that heat is brought into the home. This is somewhat similar to heat pumps.

Heat pumps are simply reversible heat exchange systems. The complexity of the device often depends on where it draws the heat from. For instance, one type of heat pump draws the heat directly from the air while others require a heat sink. This may be a pool of water or the ground itself. Contact Xtreme Air Services or connect with them on Twitter for more information.

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