When to Consider AC Replacements in Binghamton

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Hotter weather means more wear and tear on the air conditioning system. If the AC is not working properly, it can increase the cost to operate it, as well as stress any parts that may be struggling to keep up. It’s important to have the AC system serviced if it’s not running efficiently or look into AC Replacements in Binghamton if it’s time for a new unit to be purchased.

Inspect the System

One of the best ways to ensure an air conditioner is working properly is to have it inspected at least once a year by an AC expert. While a homeowner can do a visual inspection of the system, a professional technician can also inspect all of the mechanical parts. An inspection should include testing the thermostat and all of the electrical components, checking the air intake and registers for even air flow, cleaning and flushing the drain line, cleaning the condenser coil and the condensate pump, testing the capacitor, condenser, and fan motor, changing the air filter, and checking the refrigerant level.

When to Replace the AC System

When the air conditioner no longer works efficiently, it may cost less to replace the unit than to repair it. There are several things to consider when making this decision including the age of the system, how long it runs to reach the desired temperature, and how frequently the unit breaks down. A system that is over 10 years old and doesn’t meet the current SEER rating standards may not be energy efficient, which will be reflected in the monthly utility bill.

Choosing an AC Company

When needing AC Replacements in Binghamton, it’s a good idea to find a quality company that can maintain the unit for years to come. Fancher Appliance is a family owned business with over 70 years of experience, and their team of professionally trained and certified technicians can handle all aspects of AC systems, including installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. This company services all makes and models and will happily provide a free estimate before any work is done.

Just remember that an efficient AC system will keep everyone comfortable at all times. It will also cost less to operate, which will keep more money in your pocket. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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