When You Should Contact a Furnace Repair Company in Niles About Your Unit

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Air Conditioning

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When you turn your furnace on for the first time during the winter season, you expect that it will provide the warmth that your family needs. If you don’t notice your home getting warmer or if there are odd noises from the unit, then you might need to look into getting your furnace repaired before it’s used.

Odd Odors

You could be greeted with a few smells the first time you use your furnace for the season, but they should go away as the dust and debris from inside the vents blow away. If you notice any odd odors that could indicate something is burning, then you should consider contacting a company that offers furnace repair near Niles before you use the unit again as a fire could occur.

Lack of Heat

If there’s no heat coming through the vents or heat only in one or two rooms, then a call to a company that provides furnace repair near Niles might be in order. Sometimes, the vents can become blocked and prevent the flow of heat throughout the system. This is usually an easy repair, but someone would need to know where to look and how to remove the blockage. If there’s not a blockage and you still don’t feel any heat, then the issue could be with the thermostat, a fuse, or other components inside the main unit.


When you turn your furnace on, you shouldn’t hear clunking and thudding. It should have a quiet sound from the time the unit is turned on until it goes off. If you hear any odd noises, it could be because a belt needs to be replaced or because the fan needs repair.

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