Improve Air Conditioning in Waldorf MD with Regular Filter Changes

by | Feb 2, 2016 | HVAC

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An air conditioner is a climate control device that is a primary factor in having a comfortable home environment. To be successful in achieving this, an AC system needs to function right to remove unwanted air toxins. By changing an AC system’s filter regularly, a homeowner can improve Air Conditioning in Waldorf MD. The following tips will assist with this ongoing task.

The first step in changing an AC filter is to locate the filter compartment. This section is located in the return air duct for many models of AC systems. Look in the user’s manual for the exact location. When this booklet is not available, call the manufacturer for a replacement. Upon finding this area, remove the access cover and fasteners securing it to the wall. Place these to the side as they will have to be replaced later. Carefully remove the filter. Put it in a plastic bag and place it outside. The hand attachment of a vacuum can be used to suction out dirt and debris from the filter compartment.

Take the filter out of the bag. At this point, a homeowner will take one of two actions depending on the type of filter he currently has. Use the same hand attachment of a vacuum to suction off the debris on the filter’s surface. Make a cleaning solution of one-gallon water and a few drops of dish soap. Mix this well. Submerge a sponge in this mixture. Wring out the excess cleanser. Wash the surface of both sides of the filter carefully. Be cautious when cleaning the borders. Use a garden hose to rinse off the cleaning solution and debris. Allow to air dry.

A disposable filter will be placed in a proper receptacle for disposal after a homeowner writes down its measurements. These dimensions will be used to buy a replacement filter. The height, depth, and width will need to be measured when these measurements are not visible on the old filter. Place the new filter or clean reusable filter in the filter compartment and close it shut. The fasteners should be replaced as well. For more details on AC system maintenance, please check out this site. Regular filter changes can enhance Air Conditioning in Waldorf MD and prolong the useful life of an AC system.

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