Routine Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Air Conditioner Operational

Your air conditioner works hard all summer long. It operates around-the-clock to keep your house at the desired temperature. It puts stress and strain on its components in the motor just to make sure that you are comfortable.

You can relieve the motor of its stress and strain by performing preventative and routine AC maintenance in Simi Valley on it. These tips can ensure that your air conditioner is operational throughout the summer and that you avoid having to pay expensive repairs for it.

Check the Freon

The freon in the air conditioner can be one of the first things to run out before the end of summer. The coolant reservoir can be full at the start of the season and completely dry by the end of August or September.

If the freon is allowed to run dry, the motor in the AC unit can burn out quickly. By checking it often as part of your AC maintenance in Simi Valley, you can prevent the reservoir from running out of coolant and instead keep the unit running as it should all summer.

Replacing the Filters

You also need to check and change the filters at least once during the summer. Even if the filters are brand-new when you switch on the unit, they still can get dirty and clogged quickly. The more that you run the unit, the faster that the filters will need replacing.

By the start of August, you should change out the filters so that the AC can run as it should for the remainder of the summer. You can buy filters for it at any hardware or grocery store.

These preventative maintenance tips can save your AC from burning up or malfunctioning. They also spare you from large repair bills that you may not afford.